November 17 2023

arKad 1.1 final version is out!!!

The final build 1.1 of arKad emu is here. More speedups and fixes in this release and added new games. BlackTiger and Tehkan Worde Cup, sorry it's not Capcom arcade game, but I liked it when I was a children. Anyway here's the changelog:

  • Fixed Flash Read/Write and Erase operations (RedHearth)
  • Fixed bugs in SCSI/Atapi emulation, some command were bugged (12h/25h).
  • Fixed bugs in Tiles rendering (FilpX/FlipY)
Added support for this game.
  • Added Z80 support (90%)
  • Added Yamaha OPN emulation.

World Cup (Tehkan)
Added support for this game
  • Added AY3810 emulation
  • Added Z80 multiprocessor support.
  • Added Auto Frame Skip