August 01 2023

About ArKad emulator

ArKad is an emulator for the Capcom System 1,2 and 3 boards with support for Linux. ArKad is in the first step of emulation and it runs a few Capcom System III (cps3) roms. arKad continues to gain compatibility, performance, and new features to this day.

It is very easy to use. Load the rom and start the emulator. There are different buttons in the toolbar to follow your game and debugger windows like RegistersMemory and IO Ports. The emulation is partialy complete some features are emulated and they work well, here is the complete list of the emulation status.

Emulation status


  • SH2 Hitachi: 32-bits  CPU support (90%) 
  • Timers: All timers are emulated in both prescalar and count-up mode. 
  • Interrupts: timer interrupts are emulated.
  • EEPROM read/write operations.
  • CDROM partially emulated.
  • Sound chip is emulated.
  • Z80 is emulated (95%)
  • GFX Layers and OAMs are emulated.
  • Yamaha OPN YM2203 both are emulated.
Tehkan World Cup
  • All three Z80 are emulated.
  • AY8910 are emulated.